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Rugby tickets and fan day

24th August 2018 | Closed

SUPER RUGBY: Excitement building for the Waratahs v Brumbies match at Glen Willow. Photo: NSW WaratahsTickets are selling fast to theNSW Waratahs vs Brumbies match at Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium.
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Grandstand tickets are nearly sold out with only a few one seat tickets available.

The tickets were released to the general public two weeks ago.

As soon as they became available for sale, locals and visitors started to snap them up.

Plenty of general entry tickets are still available for the Super Rugby match.

The rugby clash will be held on Saturday, 4 February.

General admission ticketsstart from $15 for adults and from $5 for kids.

Reserved grand stand seating is $30.

Mid-Western Regional Council Mayor Des Kennedy,announced in October that the tworugby sides wouldgo head to head at Mudgee’s Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex.

The game is one of three pre-season trial matches ahead of the 2017 Super Rugby season.

Mid-Western Regional Council is encouraging residents to make use of free shuttle buses that will be operating on game day, as well as taking the short walk from Mudgee’s CBD to Glen Willow via the purpose-built Glen Willow pathway and footbridge.

Tickets areavailable from梧桐夜网ticketek南京夜网419论坛.

Also part of the Super Rugby weekend event, the Waratahs have just announced they will be having a fan day.

“A night with the NSW Waratahs” will be held at Parkland’s Resort on Friday, February 3.

Waratahs head coach Darryl Gibson will be speaking on the night and taking questions from the audience.

Other members of the team will also be available to speak with the crowd.

A signed NSW Waratahs framed jersey will be auctioned off on the night, with all money raised going to the Mudgee Wombats.

Roslyn Lee from theMudgee Wombats said the money will be used for equipment and resources for the junior and senior players.

“This will be a great boost for the local players, with the money raised going to the bestspots within the club”

“We’re really excited about the event, it’s a rugby lovers dream”

“Four waratah players will be attending, with the possibility they could be Wallabies.”

Super Rugby fans are being encouraged to buy tickets now, as they are expected to sell out.

Tickets went on-sale on Monday. Around 200 will be available at$80 each. Tickets are available here:梧桐夜网trybooking南京夜网/247157

It’s expected to be a big weekend for both the Waratahs and the Brumbies, with speaking commitments around the Mudgee region.

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Heatwave to continue

24th August 2018 | Closed

DRY SEASON: A dust storm battered Katherine in mid November as the Top End waits for its wet season to arrive.IT will continue to be hot, hot, hot in Katherine over the rest of the week although perhaps not the record heat forecasters were earlier predicting.
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The Bureau of Meteorology has wound back its earlier forecast of a maximum of 42 degrees for Katherine tomorrow which would have been an all-time record, but 41 degrees is today’s forecast.

Humidity levels remain at a stifling plus 70 per cent.

The bureau says 41 degree maximums can be expected today, tomorrow and Friday before the “cool” change arrives with showers on Sunday and 40 degrees on Saturday and 39 for Saturday.

Some weather websites are forecasting 5-10mm is possible for Katherine on Sunday although as we have seen this year forecasting is not an exact science.

The December record for Katherine is 41.6 degrees reached on December 1 in 2006.

The hottest day so far this year, November 4, reached 41.4 degrees.

Meanwhile, the bureau nowsays the wetter climateconditions expected from a La Ninapattern are not likely this year.

“Although some very weak La Nina-like patterns continue—such as cooler than normal ocean temperatures and reduced cloudiness in the central and eastern Pacific—La Nina thresholds have not been met,” the bureau said.

“Climate models and current observations suggest these La Nina-like patterns will not persist.”

Also, a tropical trough in the southern hemisphere has strengthened in the last week, exhibiting characteristics typical of a monsoon trough, including a deep westerly wind flow, and increase in regional rainfall and cloudiness, particularly to the north of Australia and equatorial South-East Asia.

The monsoon trough inthe southern hemisphere is located well north of the Australian mainland, featuring a tropical low south of Java.

The low is expected to deepen and move westwards away from the Australian region in the next few days, but it is unlikely to reach tropical cyclone intensity, the bureau said.

As well, the bureau yesterday opened a brand new purpose-built Observing Operations Hub in Darwin to service the bureau’s observations network across north-western Australia.

The new Darwin Hub is the first of eight planned to support the operation and maintenance of the bureau’s network, including radars and automatic weather stations, across Australia.

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The light fantastic      | Joanne McCarthy

24th August 2018 | Closed

IN the state of Texas in late 2013, a man was rushed to hospital by ambulance after a frantic emergency phone call fromhis wife.
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He’d fallen off a ladder while climbingto his roof. He was putting up Christmas lights.

I love this anonymous man. I can picture him. From the story told by theTexas doctor who treated him, the patient was a bit of a do-it-yourselfer despite his mature years. Maybe a retired tradie who still worea tool belt athip level, withtape measure and hammer always at the ready.

I see him as theproud owner of ashed bristling with shining tools and things hanging on wall mounts, and rows ofjars and tins filled with nails, bolts, washers and bits of wire and chain.

We’re not given a name or an age in a report on the man’s fall, but we are given a tantalising quote from the doctor about just how far the man–and let’s call him Bob, because I can see a Bob doing this–was prepared to go to make sure he had the best damn Christmas light extravaganza of any house in his street, nay, suburb or, let’s go for broke, state.

Here’s how we know Bob was prepared to risk all for glory, according to the doctor who’s quoted in articles I’ve filed under the general heading of “Christmas Kills and Maims”.

Bob“lost his balance as his wife was on the ladder trying to hand him his walker”.

Go Bob. Age and commonsense haven’t wearied him or his trusty enabling wife, who I think of asGladys.

There’s so much about that little vignette I want to explore–the most obvious question being“Really? Were you really going to clunk around on your roof with a walker while making sure Santa’s reindeers were in a secure and upright position, and in the best vantage point to one-up the neighbour’s Little-Town-of-Bethlehem nativity roof-top pageant?”

And to Gladys:“So, Darl. If Bob had said he wanted to abseil off the roof would you have helped him with that?”, with the tone of voice parents use when they ask if their child would jump off a cliff if a friend told them to, after the kid’s been caught doing something stupid witha group.

But that’s the end of the story of Bob and Gladys, apart from the doctor confirming that Bob survived. We don’t know if theirhouse was Christmas light-less that year, or if they made do with illuminating a few bushes in the front garden, or slummed it with aflashing Santa andreindeers in aloungeroom window display.

What I can tell you, thanks to an American institution called the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is that Bob wasn’t the only Yank rushed to hospital during Yuletide 2013, and at least one man, 34, died while putting up Christmas lights–in that case after his ladder connected with an electrical wire.

I can also tell you that the CPSC has been a little agitated of late about the number of Americans who don’t survive Christmas holiday decorating–a figure fast approaching the number of American hunterskilled each year by friends who mistake them for ducks.

Anyway, the CPSC has issued alerts over the past few years about “Christmas Killers” including ladders, roofs, electrical wires, frayed electrical lights, candles, brandy-infused meats and puddings, Christmas wrapping thrown into fires and “inflamed” Christmas trees that, all on their own, accounted for 10 deaths and $16 million in lost property between 2009 and 2011.

The CPSC produced figures showing about 250 Americans per day, in that same period, were injured because of “holiday decorating” incidents. The figure included the fantastic subset of injured that our Texas doctor likes to call the “DUI” group – people who decorate under the influence.

One of my friends has made an artform out of decorating under the influence, and she doesn’t confine it to the Christmas season. Many’sthe timeshe’s woken to find a wall daubed with different colours from sample paint pots she’s got lined up in her laundry where the rest of us keep detergents and disinfectants.

Many’s the time sheregrets how alcohol brings out her most destructive creative surges.

But back to death and danger in the holiday season.

We might sniff at Americans falling off roofs or burning down their houses because of dodgy decorations or “inflamed” Christmas trees, but Aussies have made headlines in the past few years for some pretty stupid festive decoration extremes.

Remember the Christmas fanatic from north Queensland–surprised? –who was worried his amazingly spectacular Christmas light display wasn’t being seen atits absolute best because of other lights in the area. So he disconnected the street light in front of his home to make his display appear brighter, and made national news.

The energy distributor issued shocked warnings about what can happen if you’re hit by 240 volts of electricity–short answer, you die –and a few days later issued an even more shocked warning after evidence the Christmas fanatic wasn’t the only one who’d had the bright idea of knocking out street lights to enhance home decorations.

Infront of me now is a photo I took last night of a house not far from here, where the owner has draped lights over his house, front yard, bushes, fence and anything else that can remotely bear illuminating.

Santa and his reindeers are stretched across the roof which also carries row on row of coloured flashing lights, and adazzling row of lights along the ridgeline.

There’s another illuminated, blow-up Santa in the garden, a couple of giant snowmen, and a nativity scene in the front window with baby Jesus lit up by some miraculous means and smiling sweetly at a couple of sheep.

The owner swears he’s done it for years and uses safety gear, and once his grandkids are older he’ll call it a day. Inthe meantime the least I can do is walk the dog past his place after dark and say thanks.

Mallee Wig Library

24th August 2018 | Closed

LAUNCH: Ellen Traeger who founded the Carolyn Bristow Wig Library in the Riverland with Mayor Brenton Lewis at the official opening of the Murray Mallee Wig Library on Friday, December 2.The Murray Mallee Wig Library was opened last Friday, December 2, to provide a service to those in the Mallee who are experiencing hair loss due to illness or cancer treatment.
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Mayor Brenton Lewis officially launched the library alongside Ellen Traeger, who founded the Carolyn Bristow Wig Library in the Riverland.

In March this year, Ellen spoke at the local International Women’s Day functionand inspired members of Soroptimist International of Murray Bridge to provide a similar service for Mallee residents.

Soroptimist member Peggy Bennett said arange of styles had been designed to suit the needs of variousof clients have been documented in a catalogue for clients.

“Those requiring wigs would be asked to make a donation of $25 for the use of the wig for however long they need it,” she said.

“They would also be provided witha care pack containinga wig stand, sample shampoo and conditioner, a brush or comb and wig care instructions.”

She said the Wig Library would also have other items available such as cotton caps which are worn under the wig, anda soft cotton prosthesis calledKnitted Knockers.

“As the library becomes more established there are plans to have a range of suitable hats and scarves as well,” she said.

Mrs Bennett said hiringa wig for $25 was cost effectivecompared to the purchase price, and that the opportunity to be pampered was a benefit for anyone battling a life changing experience.

Two retired hairdressers have joined the project to help clients choose and fit wigs and to provide advice on wig maintenance.

Elected members of the Rural City of Murray Bridge, representatives of various service clubs whoare assisting with set-up and ongoing costs, members of the Hospital staffwho will be working with clients, and the first person to make use of the service were all present at the library’s opening.

The library is situated at 25 Joyce Street where the 32 wigs are kept, available for loan.

For further information, visit the Murray Mallee Wig Library facebook page or visit the Soroptimist International website for information about the group.For wig library inquiries, contact0499171566.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Court closed to view child porn videos

24th August 2018 | Closed

A JUDGE closed Wagga District Court to the public on Tuesday in order to view two graphic child abuse videos of an infant produced by the baby’sgrandmother.
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Even a co-accused man was removed from the court so two Corrective Services officers guarding him did not have to watch the disturbing videos shot while the baby was on a change table and while on the back seat of a car.

The accused woman, appearing in court via videolink with a prison, was disconnected for Judge Deborah Payne to view the videos.

The woman and man, both from Young, have pleaded guilty to a raft of charges relating toproducing, disseminating or possessing child abuse material.

The woman has also pleaded guilty to indecent assault of a person aged under 16.

The pair cannot be named for legal reasons.

The accused man’s mother and two sisters of the accused woman were in court as sentencing submissions that began on Monday continued.

After barrister Colin Heazlewood tendered some subjective material for the man, Judge Payne made it clear a jail term was the only option.

“You are looking at a number of years at least,” Judge Payne said.

Mr Heazlewood, though, knew that was the situation facing his client.

“I was not going to ask for anything non-custodial,” he replied.

Barrister Christine Mendes tendered subjective material for her client, including a psychological report and personal references.

“Do they know what (the accused) physically did to the child?” Judge Payne asked about the referees.

She was told the referees had been advised of the agreed facts.

The court heard that neither offender had any criminal record before these offences.

The man has been in custody on remand since February 19 and the woman has been behind bars since February 25.

Agreed facts tendered to Wagga Local Court in September when the woman pleaded guilty to seven offences said one video of the woman interfering with her grandchild was found on her laptop.

Up to 1500 images of other abused children were found in another folder on the laptop.

The sentencing hearing continues on Wednesday.

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