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Qld sugar’s global sustainability recognised

20th March 2019 | Closed

CANEGROWERS chief executive officer Dan Galligan, Bonsucro chief executive officer Simon Usher, and CANEGROWERS environment and sustainability manager Matt Kealley at Bonsucro Week 2016 in London recently.QUEENSLAND sugar producers are satisfying thestringent sustainability requirements of the world’s biggest sugar-buying companies to secure their futures in the world sugar market.
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CANEGROWERS chief executive officer Dan Galligan saidin a major development for the Australian industry, the locally-developed and industry-supported Smartcane BMP program hadbeen recognised by Bonsucro as having full alignment to its criteria.

“Bonsucro is the preferred international certification for some of our key end-user sugar customers who have pledged to source sustainable sugar for their products by 2020,” Mr Galligan said.

“Every Queensland grower with a Smartcane BMP accreditation certificate should see this collaboration between CANEGROWERS and Bonsucro as a ticket to long-term access to the global sugar market.”

Some 65 per centof the Queensland sugarcane production area is involved in the Smartcane BMP program. 160 farm businesses have achieved accreditation in its three core modules covering drainage and irrigation, soil health, nutrients and weed and pest management.

“Smartcane BMP demonstrates the sustainability of sugarcane production in local Queensland conditions, recognising and documenting grower efforts to minimise any impact their farms could have on the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon,” Mr Galligan said.

“It has the endorsement of the Queensland and Australian governments.

“Smartcane BMP is also, importantly, a practice improvement program with a clear focus on lifting the productivity and profitability of our farms to deliver solid business outcomes.”

As a global platform, Bonsucro has criteria designed to establish market access across a wide range of production systems.

“Aligning Smartcane BMP with Bonsucro is a big and important stamp of approval for our industry and for every single grower within the Smartcane BMP program,” Mr Galligan said. “It is another reason for Queensland growers to register, benchmark their farm practices and move to accreditation.”

Queensland growers who have their Smartcane BMP accreditation will be able to access an additional module which will fill any gaps required to meet the full scope of the Bonsucro criteria. These gaps relate to issues such as labour management, greenhouse calculations and energy efficiency not covered in the Smartcane BMP modules.

The Smartcane BMP program is funded by the Queensland Government to support sustainable agriculture and achieve Great Barrier Reef water quality outcomes.

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Future Agro Challenge winner announced

20th March 2019 | Closed

Chris Cameron and daughter Catriona Dale, Platinum Compost, will represent Australia at an international future agro challenge in South Africa next year.A Darling Downs father and daughter team who have developed a compost system emulating the blueprint of nature as close as possible has taken out the first ever Future Agro Challenge (FAC) in Australia.
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Chris Cameron and daughter Catriona Dale, Platinum Compost, won the national leg held in Malanda recently, and will now contest the international competition in South Africa in 2017.

The pairentered the evergreen practises category with theiridea that is designed to achieve premium quality, healthy, sustainable, crop production and sustainable regeneration of soil health and productivity.

Mr Cameron described the win as a “life changer”.

“Like most rural people, we have been through our fair share of tough times and it has been very tough trying to get this extremely well proven business up and running by ourselves,” Mr Cameron said.

The pair has devised a clean, sustainable, non-toxic method of addressing three main issues in agricultural soil, beinga lack of organic matter or soil carbon,severe mineral shortagesand the absence of beneficial biological population in most soil.

Their system uses a ruminant manure based compost which is blended with about 15 minerals designed specifically to address the shortages in the target soil, and finally a live biological culture is applied to the soil in order to start healthy in-ground processes.

FACjudge John Williams said the competition allowed local agricultural issues to be solved on a global scale.

“It’s amazing to see how diverse and insightful the challenge competitors applied their experiences and recognition of a need to develop products and services that could see success in overseas markets,” Mr Williams said.

“Collaboration, community, business smarts and passion – a great combination meant for success.”

FACis a worldwide competition recognising innovative, commercially viable food and agribusiness start-ups that address regional, national and global challenges.

FAC organiser Leanne Kruss.

Leanne Kruss, Queensland Agricultural Workforce Manager for Far North Queensland and FAC Organiser for Start-up Tablelands, said the competition was a success.

“Being the first time this competition has happened for Australia we have a lot to learn and improve as we grow this annual event so that Australia can take its rightful place on the agricultural innovation global stage,” Ms Kruss said.

“Agriculture is one of our nation’s most technologically advanced sectors, yet many Australians are unaware of the revolution that is occurring on our farms.

“Agricultural innovation is one of our greatest contributions to develop solutions to global food security challenges and our primary industries have a strong tradition of being innovative and adaptive to new challenges.”

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Disability Day celebrated at Jelly Bean Park

20th March 2019 | Closed

Michael Kean, Brittni Riddle, Sue Field and Phillip Thomas are at Jelly Bean Park on Saturday to celebrate International Day of People With a Disability.Disability Services Australia (DSA) celebratedInternational Day of People With a Disability (IDPWD) by holding a market stall in Jelly Bean Park on Saturday.
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“My team and Iwere there to sell succulents that our customers had made, all money raised goes to the Shoalhaven Disability Forum,” DSAcustomer relationship managerBrittni Riddle said.

“We were also there to raise awareness for IDPWD and to simply take part in the family fun day event being held at Jelly Bean Park and the Wesley Centre.”

Ms Riddle hoped the event would help create a more inclusive community for people with a disability.

“These events will hopefully provide awareness to local businesses who may be able to become moreaccessible for people with a disability, which then means people with a disability are able to access the same activities and local events as a person without a disability,” she said.

“Events such as these can also create a better understanding of how a disability can affect someones every day life,community members who may not know or care for a person with a disability can understand why it is so important to create an inclusive community environment.”

The event also provided information for people with a disability and their carers on where and how to seek support if required as the NDIS rolls out next July in the Shoalhaven.

“The NDIS will create more choice for people with a disability, currentlythey do not have much flexibility in how or where their funding is allocated,”Ms Riddle said.

“As the NDIS rolls out, people with a disability will be able to choose when, where, and how long their supports are provided for and by who they choose.

“These choices will vastly improve their lifestyle, as the current funding model is a one size fits all approach that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.”

DSA along with other providers in the Shoalhaven are ready to assist people with a disability and their families to create their first NDIS plan and support them through the process.

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Santa brings extra nurses to MUH emergency department

20th March 2019 | Closed

HERE FOR YOU: Nurse practitioners Kathryn Eiseman (left) and Karen Watling (right) will work from Milton Ulladulla Hospital ED unit over the summer season to help cope with increased demand. Every December Milton-Ulladullafillswith visitors,an estimated6,000 people, or a 40 per cent population increase, head to our coastal paradise to celebrate the festive season. With an such a boom comes increased pressure on the regions vital services.
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Milton Ulladulla Hospital’s (MUH) Emergency Department (ED) will be boosted by the addition of two highly specialised nurse practitionersover the Christmas holiday period to help cope with increased demand.

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Heath District (ISLHD) emergency services leadOrinda Jones said their is a 40 per cent spike in ED presentations over this period, especially for less serious conditions.

“No one wants to end up in the emergency department over Christmas, butwe all know things do happen” she said.

“We are preparing for the holiday season as best we can by ensuring additional highly trained and specialised nursing staff are in place to treat patients as quickly as possible.”

The ED unit is anticipating a jump in admissions over the period and has reassessed staff levels to ensure they are able to cope efficiently with the holiday population boom.

“The numbers top 100 each day and that’s at-least double,”clinical nurse specialist Bruce Corke said.

“Nursing staff will vary each day but we have an increase over the peak period and again for times like New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Boxing Day.”

Nurse practitioners are skilled in the treatment of conditions including:limb injuries and musculoskeletal pain, respiratory presentations, urinary tract infections, deep vein thrombosis diagnosis and managementand wound management; andwill be a welcome addition to the local service.

One of the nursesKathryn Eiseman is a Mollymook local who is usually positioned in Wollongong Hospital ED.

Kathryn said she is excited about returning to work in her local area.

“I had my first shift here (MUH) 21 years ago,” she said.

“It’s kind of bizarre knowing some of the patients, but it is really nice for them to see a face that they know.”

Kathryn has a Masters of Nursing degree (Nurse Practitioner), a Master’s degree in Applied Management (Nursing), a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing and a Diploma in Health Science (Nursing).

Karen Watling, who lives in Sanctuary Point, will also join the ED over the holiday period.

She has more than 14 years’ experience in emergency nursing and currently works at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital.

“I’m looking forward to bringing this new service to the area,” she said.

“We (nurse practitioners) are able to decrease waiting times and see a variety of patients ourselves.

“I tend to see a lot of holiday accidents such as fish hooks, lacerations, sprains, they are the most common holiday mishaps.

“Along with general things like children with ear infections and tummy pains.

“We can see these people very quickly. Also, we see the high-level patients.”

Both Kathryn and Karen will provide cover every day of the week for the holiday period commencing December 5, 2016 until February 12, 2017.

Over the holiday season, it’s important to remember that the Emergency Department is for diagnosing and treating serious or urgent illnesses and injuries.

Residents and visitors are reminded that there are a number of other medical services available in the area, including: Medical Centres (visit 梧桐夜网healthdirect.gov419论坛for a list), phoning Healthdirect on 1800 022 222 for expert health advice (available 24-hours, 7 days a week); or talk to a local pharmacist.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Proposal to claim back the coastline

20th March 2019 | Closed

The proposed area of claim highlighted in a native title application.
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A huge native title claim has been proposedthat coversthe entire South Coast, including the Bega Valley.

Native Title Services Corporation (NTSCORP), the native title service provider for the state, will hold a meeting in Narooma this weekendto discuss the filing of a new application.

The proposed region stretches from Bundeena in the north to south of Eden,west towards Braidwood and includes sections of the ocean off the east coast.

It currently covers about 14,000 square kilometres, but the final extent of the claim will be determined by the claimants at the meeting.

While Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council land and sea country coordinator Les Kosez is not attending the weekend’smeeting –CEO BJ Cruse was planning to attend as a local representative – he planned tokeepan eye on proceedings.

“I’m leaving it to our more wise heads. The old fellas can take care of that,’ Mr Kosez said, adding he had mixed feelings about the claim.

“Any native title over this area has the potential to cause a lot of division in the community.

“So it has to be handled in a very cautious manner. It has to be remembered that there area lot of different connections to this country, and they all have to be respected.

“But at the same time I applaud the effort of the people, fortaking proactive steps in trying to have a more recognised and active voice in the decision making processes affecting thiscountry.”

CEO of NTSCORPNatalie Rotumahsaid the claim hadbeen requested by South Coast Indigenous Australians who asserted a traditional connection to the area.

“Recognition of native title will allow the traditional owners of the South Coast to continue practising their culture on some types of crown land and reserves,”she said.

She saiddeterminations have little impact on the wider community.

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