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Family abuse hits home at a record rate

20th April 2019 | Closed

Wagga has claimed the cruel and cowardly record of the state’s biggest spike in domestic violence-related assaults.
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Latestcrime statistics revealed aharrowing 46.1 per cent rise in reported “major cases” of battered Wagga women over the past 24 months to September.

Although the scourge of domestic violence is leaching through the Wagga community faster than anywhere in NSW, the crime is more prevalent in Griffith and equally as prevalent in Tumut.

Women’s refuge Sisters Housing Enterprises managerBelinda McMahon said the city’s lead domestic violence crisis accommodation was “full all the time”.

“Whilst the domestic violencerates are going up, we’re hamstrung by the number of beds we have,” Ms McMahon said.

“However, when police need to remove a woman and/or her children, they contact us and we try to accommodate them if we have room, otherwise we help them into a motel.”

Suni Spokes from Wagga’sWomen’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (WDVCAS) is absorbing the noticeable increase while bracing for Christmas, which is considered a “trigger point for women who wish to leave a violent relationship”.

“Often the violence can escalate once a victim chooses to leave;the main concern for women and children is their safety,” Ms Spokes said.

“We often speak to women before they leave about having a safety plan in place.”

Last month the state government rolled out a new domestic violence program in Wagga –run by WDVCAS – whereby “at threat”or “at serious threat” women are assigned adomestic violence worker to help them accesspolice, health, corrections, Family and Community Services (FACS)and education services.

Labor’s shadow domestic violence prevention minister Jenny Aitchison will visit Wagga within a month as part of a whistle-stop tour to address the “crisis”.

If you need help contact Wagga’sWomen’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service on 6921 6227 or the national family violence counselling service on 1800 737 732.

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Santa, can I please have…

20th April 2019 | Closed

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Students from Ceduna Area School shared their Christmas wishes in a range of letters addressed to Santa.

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Dear Santa, can I please have an iPad for Christmas? My sister Indy wants a remote control car.From Abby

Dear Santa, canI please have lots of Lego because I have been extra good.From Conor

Dear Santa, can I please have Call of Duty on my iPod and on my TV? Merry Christmas. HO HO HO!From Xian

Dear Santa, I have been very good so canI please have these things: remote control Megaladon, and a real pet platypus.I hope you can get me this.From Chase

Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is Shopkins. I’ve been very good and I think our cousins are coming and our nana and poppa. My little brother Jed would like a 3D maker. My sister Scout would like Lego and loom bands. My sister Dakota would like rings.From Elke

Dear Santa,I have been waiting for Christmas so can I please have a Robo Indomanis Rex because I will be happy.Love from Lachlan

Dear Santa,I really want heaps more Shopkins. I have been very good all the time.From Ruby

Dear Santa,I have been very good this year. Can I please have a magic reindeer?From Soul-Jade

Dear Santa, can I please have a Burmese mountain dog?From Kala

Dear Santa,I have been very good this year. I want a pet kitten.From Ashlon

Dear Santa,I have been good this year so can I pretty please have an Elf on the Shelf. I would also like a girl cat because I have a boy cat and then they can marry each other and have kittens. I would like some loom bands. My brother wants Paw Patrol.From Tessa

Dear Santa,I want a toy penguin.From Sienna

Dear Santa,I have been very good this year so can I please have a gymnastics mat and beam. My sister Charli would like a scooter.I have asked Elfie if she wanted to come to Christmas and she said yes so I wanted to tell you because I would like to know more about the Elf and see if you could send it to me in a note.From Madison

Dear Santa,I have been really good this year. Can I please have a super charged kids buggy so that Cataliya and I can drive. I love you.From Dennis

Dear Santa, have your elves been listening? I know your elves can listen to you. I wish for Elsa, Anna and Olaf dolls.From Alira

Dear Santa, have you been feeding your reindeer? I wish for a big, big pool please.From Leilahni

Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good day. I love you and I’m really happy that it is almost Christmas. I wish for a crystal empire, Princess Cadance and Pinkie Pie in a very nice dress.From Isla

Dear Santa, do you make a list of toys for kids at the North Pole? I hope you have a good time delivering presents. I wish for a swimming pool.From Kobie

Dear Santa, do you feed your reindeer so they don’t die? Do you feed your elves? Canyou please give me a boat.From Lincon

Dear Santa, I’m being good for Mum. I have been making my bed and brushing my teeth and listening to my Dad. I wish for a Barbie and a water slide.From Evie

Dear Santa, please can I have a baby doll and a swimming pool with a slide? Have you fed your reindeer?From Charli

Dear Santa, how are you going with your reindeer? Are you having fun delivering presents? Have fun riding around the world.Have a very good holiday.From Ryder

Dear Santa,I wish for something nice for Christmas. I hope you are comfortable in your warm clothes. Do you like all the people in the world? Will there be lots of special lights on the houses?From Chad

Dear Santa, have you been feeding your reindeer? Can you pass me a toy bow and arrow please?From Charlie and Nate

Dear Santa, I want a Barbie doll and a toy car.From Shaquana

Dear Santa, I wish I could get a remote control helicopter for Christmas.From Matthew

Dear Santa, I want a parachute man.From Zeth

Dear Santa, do your elves be good? Do you feed your reindeer? Who goes at the front of the sleigh? Who goes at the back? I love you. I am going to be good. Do you know how to get to Adelaide because I will be at Nana’s with Bridie, Mum and Dad.From Marley

Dear Santa, I love you. I hope you have a nice Christmas. I want a motorbike.From Nate

Dear Santa, have a nice Christmas.From Sienna

Dear Santa, please can I have a trampoline?From Shannishia

Dear Santa, have your elves been listening to you? Can I please get a present. I would like another aeroplane that flies.From Ofi

Dear Santa, have a nice Christmas.From Sienna

Dear Santa, I hope you have a good ride to Australia. One elf is at my home. I want a toy Elf.From Laken

Dear Santa, your Elf is so tricky. I like him. We named him Jazzy Rock Star. I want a CD for Christmas.From Ari

Dear Santa, I hope you are not cold. I want toys for Christmas.From Corey

Dear Santa, I want something nice for Christmas.From Bella

Dear Santa, I hope you have a good Christmas and hope you feelinghappy. Can I have a surprise present?From Belle

Dear Santa, I hope you have a good day. I hope you don’t get too cold at the North Pole. Can I please have a robot cat?From Saphire

Dear Santa, please can I have a toy horse?From Marlee

Dear Santa, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and your elves too. All I want is something nice for Christmas.From Kobee

Dear Santa, how are you doing? What are you doing today? I’m doing good and I want a 3D maker please.From Jed

Dear Santa, this Christmas I’m going to Alice Springs. We won’t be putting up any decorations. I’ve had a great year, if people needed to know how to spell a word I helped them spell it. I’m so excited for Christmas eve this year. I would really like a book of jokes and some Shopkins.From Kayliyah

Dear Santa,I have been helping mum and dad can I pretty please have forza horizon oneand two.Love Mason

Dear Santa,I hope I see you again. Can Ihave a bike. I have been good.From Tyrone

Dear Santa, I would like a baby dolly and a scooter.From Shania

Dear Santa,I hope we will get some presents on the 25th. I have been good I really want a kitten. I love you Santa.From Rena

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. Can I please have an Astralian kelpie for Chrismas, and a baby alive.Love from Luella

Dear Santa, I have a new house. It is still in Denial Bay, it is at the sign, it is yellow. Me and my brother have been good all year. I’m sure you will have a busy and truly happy Christmas. I do not care what I get.Love from Neeka

Dear Santa, I helped my Dad this year. Please can I have a pet wolf.From Cody

Dear Santa,I’ve been very good today. Can I please have a pool for Christmas and can I please have a Barbie for my Barbie house. I hope you know where my house is. My brother has been very good too and he might want a racing car toy and we already set up our Christmas Tree. I like you so much.From Emily and Archy

Dear Santa, can I please have a new bike.From Alexzander

Dear Santa, please can l have a camera. Tessa and I are both six. FromRiley

Dear Santa, this year I have been really good.I have helped my mum clean her car. My Birthday is in September, I am seven. My brother is four. Can I please have my own water slide.From Maddie

Dear Santa,I want a toy tractor for Christmas.From Corey

Dear Santa, this Christmas mycousins are coming to my house. I’ve been really good at school and at home. I would really like a kitten for Christmas.From Makayla

Dear Santa, my party is the day after Christmas. I am going to Perth for Christmas. I hope you know where my house is. Can I please have a full box of Shopkins season six?From Rosie

Dear Santa,I’ve been very nice to my family. Can Iplease have a robot dinosaur and dragon. I have a joke for you. Knock, Knock.Who’s there?Hello. Hello who? Hello this is your helpline, how can I help you?From Corbin

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Wakefield Grange win

20th April 2019 | Closed

TOP GONG: Award-winning owners of sustainable meat business Wakefield Grange Sophie and Nathan Wakefield with their children.YANKALILLA –Modern-day farming, a ‘nose-to-tail’ philosophy and a belief in supporting the local community underpins proudly South Australian sustainable meat business Wakefield Grange, which tookout the two top gongs at the annual South Australian Food Industry Awards.
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The three year old company has grown from a husband and wife team, Nathan and Sophie Wakefield, selling via a single farmer’s market each week to a thriving small business servicing up to 30 restaurants and eateries throughout the state and a retail store in Yankalilla.

“We’re ecstatic to have received the top award in the Primary Producer and Sustainability categories amongst a prominent field,” Sophie Wakefield said.

“This award offers our family and our employees a huge pat on the back and shows us that people are embracing our ‘nose-to- tail’ philosophy and locally-grown produce.”

The company prides itself on its sustainable vision, with this commitment extending from the paddock, into their butchery and throughout the Yankalilla retail store.

With a unique, on-farm processing facility, the meat produced and sold by Wakefield Grange is born, raised, processed and sold predominately from within the Fleurieu Peninsula.

“We believe in respecting and processing the whole animal,” Sophie said.

“Most people don’t realise that there is a lot more to an animal than just the piece of meat they pick up from the butcher. We are continually finding creative ways to utilise that secondary cut.

“All beef and lamb produced under the Wakefield Grange brand is 100 per cent grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and hormone growth promotant free.All pork and poultry is grown free range and in many cases pasture raised.It is a true local cooperative in the sense that we work with a whole range of local producers to bring to life the brand.”

Both Nathan and Sophie are passionate about seeing young people come into farming and hope the collaborative approach they’ve taken will help promote agricultural sustainability in the region.The business has previously been a finalist in the SA Food Awards.

The South Australian Food Industry Awards recognise and celebrate individuals and businesses that are making their mark in the food industry by demonstrating their outstanding vision, leadership and innovation.

It provides the opportunity for these ambitious and enthusiastic food professionals to raise the bar and inspire our dynamic food industry to greater achievement.Each year, the awards program is elevated to a higher level through the calibre of entrants, the quality of the judges, and the dedication of the people who work in the food industry. This year the awards shined a light on the best of the state’s food industry, who dream big and shimmer bright.

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End global warming one farmer at a time

20th April 2019 | Closed

Be the change: Carbon Farm owners Lee Kahler and Phillip Uebergang are working with farmers to reduce global warming. Picture: Rob GunstoneOne man says he has a way to reduce the impactof climate changeacross the world – one farmer at a time.
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Agronomist Philip Uebergang wants Australian farmers to join his program toreducegreenhouse gas emissions, increaseyield and on-farm profits.

Mr Uebergang launched his Carbon Farm program in Cobdenon Tuesday after more than 30 years of research, development and marketing.

With agriculture contributing 75per cent to greenhouse gas emissions, Mr Uebergang believes the most efficient carbon pollution reducing scheme is removing nitrous oxide on farms.

The gas is found in fertilisers and soil.

He said applying alternatives to fertilisers like humus, would increase soil nutrient holding capacity.

He said one tonne of nitrous oxides were theequivalent to 298 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The gas lasts in the atmosphere for 110 years and the process that degrades it, depletes the ozone layer.

Mr Uebergangsaid in order to reduce global warming, greenhouse gas output needed to be reduced while soil fertility increased.

He’s developed asoil testing device which records samples from paddocks and assesses its chemical composition.

Under a carbon offset scheme, he said farmers with nitrous oxide-free soil would receive financial rewards.

“So for every hectare that is nitrous oxide-free, farmers will be offset $150,” he said.

“For 1000 hectares, that’s $150,000 directly into the farmers’ pocket.”

He said farmers needed to download an app where the data was compiled.

“The money goes through an independent accounting system that is audited every five years,” Mr Uebergang said.

“No factory or third party handles it at all.”

Cereal crops, canola crops, dairy pastures and organic growers can all participate in his Uebergang Carbon Standard and earn carbon credits.

“The crops are producing more weight and bigger seed than those not on this program,” Mr Uebergang said.

Mr Uebergang said his program would help sustain farming operations.

He said the company was a few months away from setting up a premium gold standard –the most credible standard in the world for carbon offsets.

“This could resolve the problem of global warming,” he said. “It’s ready now.”

Mr Uebergang, who lives in Geelong, said he wanted to launch his innovation in the south-west, the home of his farming ancestors.

“I’m proud to contribute to my family name,“ he said.

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