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Nothing in the plans

20th June 2019 | Closed

CLOSURE: Hydrotherapy pool not included in plans for Goulburn Base Hospital redevelopment. Above, is Bourke Street Health Service, which is scheduled to close. The Southern NSW Local Health District (LHD) has revealed the hydrotherapy poolwill not be included in current redevelopment plans for Goulburn Base Hospital.
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This includes any inclusion withplanned rehabilitation units on the future Goulburn Base site.

A spokesperson for Southern NSW Local Health District (LHD) said the hydrotherapy pool wasconsidered to be “more a community service than a health service”.

“Less than five per centof patients admitted to Bourke Street Health Serviceand Goulburn Base Hospital access the hydrotherapy pool,” the spokesperson said. “There are many other therapeutic options for rehabilitation that do not require access to a hydrotherapy pool and result in positive patient outcomes.”

More than 80 representatives from different health departments, including Goulburn Mulwaree Council, project managers and architects, met over two Value Management Workshops in February and December last year to discuss included services for theredeveloped hospital.

“The Local Health District will continue to operate the BourkeStreet hydrotherapy pool while it engages with the wider Goulburn community about the future operations of the pool,” the LHD spokesperson said. “[We] acknowledge the pool is a community resource.”

Director of Optimum Health Solution, Marc Seymour, who has signed a 15-year lease for the hydrotherapy pool in the Goulburn Health Hub, said no one approached him about the redevelopments.

“If the hydrotherapy pool does close earlier than expected, I’m more than happy to talk about partnerships,” Mr Seymour said.

“My main message is that we’re doing what we do well and I’m confident in our service. We never knew it was shutting down.”

A Goulburn Mulwaree Councilspokesperson has acknowledged the upgraded Aquatic centre could collaborate with Goulburn Base Hospital down the track. “Everything is on the table for the future,” the spokesperson said.“[The council has] not been formally approached by the NSW Local Health district about this option, but discussions with the State and Federal governments will occur.”

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Stalker destroys life of woman

20th June 2019 | Closed

A woman who said her life had been ‘destroyed’ sobbed in Griffith Local Courtas her stalker pleaded guilty.
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Her stalker pleaded guilty to thecharge of stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm on Monday, November 28.

The woman had become trapped in her own home, terrified to leave for shopping or work after months of the manfollowing her.

Magistrate Erin Kennedywarned the man his behaviour must stop and continued AVO orders to prevent him from harming, contacting or approaching the woman in the future.

“This person’s life has been upset considerably,” she said.

“In my view if these orders cannot protect this person…a jail sentence is likely.”

The victim’s ordeal beganat her Griffith home in September 2015 when the phone rang.

Answering the phone, she spoke with the man, who identified himself and told her he liked her.

She told him she was married with children but in response hetold her he had gone to her car and left his number there.

She asked him not to call again.

But the man called again twice more and when the woman attended the Indian Festival of the Lights she noticed him following her, and turned around a number of times tofind him watching her.

The following weekend the woman and her familywereat Griffith’s Central Plaza when she again noticed the man follow her to Target, Chemist Warehouse and the IGA.

He stood, just three metres away, again watching her.

The woman’s worry increased as over the next few months the man continued to watch and follow herat a number of locations including shopping centres and the Sikh temple.

He then began to go to her workplace.

The man waited in the carpark on a number of occasions as the victim arrived at work, he would remain until she left for the day and would follow her home in his car. She would drive home, with difficulty, terrified.

The months of uncertainty caused the woman to only leave her home for friend’s houses when she knew she would be safe. She eventually went to police to complain of the man’s actions, she said she had hesitated to do so previously because she felt it would bring shame upon her within the Indian community. The man will be sentenced on Friday, February 3 2017.

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Squash doubles

20th June 2019 | Closed

Great fun!: The spring squash competition players enjoy the competition offered at the Crookwell Squash Centre.
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We know that playing squash is fun, but have a thought about those playing squash doublesthis past weekend at Crookwell Squash Centre.

This means that there are four players on the court instead of two!

DOUBLES: Players, Richard Gatty, Kathryn Nagle, Stephen Fry and Meg Thomas.

These players were from the higher grades to the lower, and ages from nearly 70-years down to just 10-years.

This year the Centre hosted the Crookwell Xmas Doubles Squash Tournament for the 13th year.

It was the biggest Doubles Tournament ever held in Crookwell, with 64 teams from 85 players, who participated in men’s, ladiesand mixed events.

As well as locals from Crookwell and Goulburn, there were over 70 players from Canberra, Bathurst Grenfell, Queensland and Sydney areas; all here for a physical weekend with lots of fun.

The Squash Centre was transformed into ‘tent city’ which only added to the atmosphere.

Other players stayed at local accommodation to which they return year-after-year.

As Xmas is so close, this Tournament is always a special one where players get into the spirit by playing in fancy dress. The special prize went to ‘Marvellous’ Tim Toohey and Davina Harding (Syd and Dapto) followed closely by ‘Turtle Recall’ – Mick Bayley and Simon Hine (ACT & Bathurst).

Everyone enjoyed a ‘big barbecue’ on Saturday night at the Crookwell Bowling Club with exciting matches continuing on Sunday. Players battled through the rain (squash is an all weather sport) with matches culminating in Finals on Sunday.

The Mens Open winners were ‘The 3 Wall Boast’ – Victor Hulubinskyj (Sydney) and Robert Frew (Sydney).

The Ladies Open winners were ‘Diasies’ – Carolyn Bouk (QLD) and Rhonda Bottacia (QLD).

The Mixed Open winners were ‘Batman Returns’ Mick Bayley (ACT) and Lorraine Rae (ACT).

Matthew and Karen Benjamin would like to thank all the players and spectators for their support.

And another thank you to local Hotel, Motels and Bed and Breakfasts, local cafes andthe Crookwell people in general for making our guests feel very welcome.

They look forward to the first of three squash tournaments of the year to be held at the end of February.

Most grades are catered for and there is also an event for novices.

They will commence the new competitions for experienced and new players.

If you would like to give it a go contact Karen on 48321355.

In the meantime, “we wish all a very merry Christmas and safe 2017.”

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Court closed to view child porn videos

20th June 2019 | Closed

Wagga District CourtA JUDGE closed Wagga District Court to the public on Tuesday in order to view two graphic child abuse videos of an infant produced by the baby’sgrandmother.
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Even a co-accused man was removed from the court so two Corrective Services officers guarding him did not have to watch the disturbing videos shot while the baby was on a change table and while on the back seat of a car.

The accused woman, appearing in court via videolink with a prison, was disconnected for Judge Deborah Payne to view the videos.

The woman and man, both from Young, have pleaded guilty to a raft of charges relating toproducing, disseminating or possessing child abuse material.

The woman has also pleaded guilty to indecent assault of a person aged under 16.

The pair cannot be named for legal reasons.

The accused man’s mother and two sisters of the accused woman were in court as sentencing submissions that began on Monday continued.

After barrister Colin Heazlewood tendered some subjective material for the man, Judge Payne made it clear a jail term was the only option.

“You are looking at a number of years at least,” Judge Payne said.

Mr Heazlewood, though, knew that was the situation facing his client.

“I was not going to ask for anything non-custodial,” he replied.

Barrister Christine Mendes tendered subjective material for her client, including a psychological report and personal references.

“Do they know what (the accused) physically did to the child?” Judge Payne asked about the referees.

She was told the referees had been advised of the agreed facts.

The court heard that neither offender had any criminal record before these offences.

The man has been in custody on remand since February 19 and the woman has been behind bars since February 25.

Agreed facts tendered to Wagga Local Court in September when the woman pleaded guilty to seven offences said one video of the woman interfering with her grandchild was found on her laptop.

Up to 1500 images of other abused children were found in another folder on the laptop.

The sentencing hearing continues today.

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Tamworth emergency services train for airplane accident | Photos & Video

20th June 2019 | Closed

Tamworth emergency services train for airplane accident | Photos & Video TweetFacebookUPDATE: Emergency crews train for plane fuel leakTAMWORTH’s emergency services flocked to the airport on Wednesday morning as a situation evolved on the tarmac.
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Fire and Rescue, NSW Ambulance and Oxley Police, State Emergency Service, NSW Rural Fire Service and council staffhad to coordinate action at the scene.

Fortunately, no one was injured and there was no damage, as it was onlya training run for local services to work on their coordination should a real emergency occur.

The training scenario–dubbed Operation Seashell–was part of a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirement for the Tamworth Regional Airport.

Airport management consultant Michael Dubois said the exercise was aimed to help emergency services to better coordinate their activity in an airport situation.

“The coordination of it gets a little bit more difficult in the airport,” Mr Dubois said.

“You’ve got more restricted areas and there are other parties involved.”

In this scenario, a BAE college aircraft inadvertently taxied into the wing of a dash 8, causing a a large fuel spill.

Fire and Rescue were first on the scene to pour retardant on the fuel spill and make the site safe for further services to enter.

Police manned the site’s command centre while paramedics removed people from the emergency scene.

Mr Dubois was happy with how the services joined together in their response to the scenarioand said an exercise like this was a learning experience for all parties involved.

Earlier:EMERGENCY responsecrews will undertake training in Tamworth today, simulating an aircraft fuel leak.

The exercise is undertaken as part of Civil Aviation and Safety Authority requirements. It is carried out in the field every two years with the alternating year completed as a desktop exercise.

Airport consultant Michael Dubois is the exercise director and is expected to speak with media at the end of the exercise at about 11.30am.

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Truck blitz bites during harvest

20th May 2019 | Closed

VFF president David Jochinke says a roadworthy blitz on trucks at harvest has been overzealous.
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A BLITZ on Victoria’s grain truck fleet is resulting in large numbers of trucks being declared unroadworthy for what many growers suggest are minor infractions.

Victorian Police confirmed its Heavy Vehicle Unit had handed out 111 infraction notices during a weeklong blitz in Warracknabeal from 28 November to December 2.

A spokesman said along with the defect notices there were seven unroadworthy certificates issued.

There have also been inspections of trucks in other areas such as Birchip and Murtoa as part of a crackdown on farm safety which have also resulted in sanctions on truck owners.

Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) president David Jochinke said he had received close to 50 calls this week alone on the issue.

“Farmers are concerned, it is their livelihoods here, their busiest time of the year and they are being forced off the road,” Mr Jochinke said.

“There are guys that have had to park the header up for a couple of days while they get their trucks in for what are very minor repairs, it has had a big impact, especially after two years of drought.”

However, the spokesman for the police said on many occasions drivers with minor faults were not issued with a defect notice and were given the opportunity to get certain defects fixed.

Mr Jochinke said he understood safety concerns were paramount, but said stakeholders needed to work better together.

“It’s great to see major issues such as brakes and bald tyres being pulled up, but there needs to be some continuity to it all.”

“We’ve heard nothing of this in the lead-up to harvest and once we are going this starts, it makes more sense to start these discussions in August or September and trucks can be checked then, rather than when growers are at the busiest time of the season.”

Local truck mechanics in the Wimmera say they are booked up with repair jobs, often for issues as small as paint wear or seat repairs.

In some cases the trucks’ factory settings are being declared unroadworthy, such as in one case where the speed limiter was set at 100.01 kilometres per hour.

“The feedback I am getting has been that the work has not been a collaboration to improve road safety but rather it has been fairly heavy handed,” Mr Jochinke said.

“Many of the farmers I have spoken to have said they felt quite intimidated during the checks.”

“We don’t mind the police doing their job and we want safer roads, but we question why they are going about it to the nth degree at this particular time.”

“One of the constant grievances I am hearing from the farmers is that the truck operators are being forced to dot the Is and cross the Ts but drive on roads that are far more likely to lead to an accident due to their substandard condition.”

Mr Jochinke said the matter had been referred to the State Government.

Victoria Police said the Heavy Vehicle Unit was targeting driver fatigue, overloading and roadworthy issues during its operation.

The spokesman said trucks that were not operated all year round often needed repair to meet safety standards.

He also said growers had the option of seeking an extension to address their defect notices.

“A person, who receives a defect notice and requires an extension of time, can do so by contacting the local police to seek such an extension under the heavy vehicle national law.”

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Current champs are on track

20th May 2019 | Closed

PERENNIAL pairs champions Jeff Madden and Ian Townsend are well on track to add another title to their resumes.
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ON SCHEDULE FOR ANOTHER TITLE: Ian Townsend (left) and Jeff Madden. PHOTO: Don Kipp.

This follows the playing of the quarter finals and semi finals in the Lithgow City Men’s Bowling Club’s 2017 pairs championship over the past week.

The current champions took out their quarter final with a resounding 30-11 victory over Jim Bannerman and newcomer to championship play Mike Wholohan.

After losing the first end Madden and Townsend then put in the play for which they are noted to never be headed.

Their spot in the final was secured with a hard earned victory over a new face to the City Club in Jacob McAndrew and Ritchie Bilby 23-18.

Getting ready to face up to the champions are Al Kenniff and Gil Mendoza, Mendoza filling in as a substitute for Al’s father Don who played in Saturday’s quarter final but was forced to withdraw for Sunday’s play.

In their quarter final the father and son combination accounted for Ian Birk and Bill Anderson before Mendoza was called in to take part in a narrow victory over Mike Johnson and Michael Hughes 19-18.

Johnson and Hughes clawed their way back into the game to be level with one end to play before Kenniff and Mendoza scored a single shot on end 21.

It was a weekend of one shot being either in favour for or against Johnson and Hughes after they had won their quarter final 18-17 with a single shot on the last end after the scores had been locked at 17-all.

A date for when the decider is to be played has not yet been set, however it is sure to be a showstopper when the big day arrives.

Social bowls The hot weather over the weekend took its toll on entry numbers for social bowls as did the number of bowlers contesting the pairs championships.

Coming out on top on Sunday were Graham Pitt and Darryl Wright with a margin of 12+6, only one shot better than that recorded by Jeff Madden and Ian Townsend (12+5).

Saturday’s men’s eventSaturday’s men’s event went to a championship pairs game when the Kenniffs — Al and Don — finished with 14+21 ahead of the 14+17 recorded by runners up Angus MacKinnon and Richard Forbes.

Friday’s mixed eventFriday’s mixed event went to the 13+12 from Cheryl Wotton, Don Kenniff and Andy Heatley.

The runners-up prize on the day went to Col Wotton and Beryl Baker with their score of10+3.

Graham Pitt and Greg Hilliard won last Wednesday’s men’s event with a big 14+22.

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Gulson finishes maiden season

20th May 2019 | Closed

It was not the perfect end to his debut season, but overall Dylan Gulson was pleased with his eighth placed finishin the Toyota 86 Series.
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Dylan Gulson

A mix of interesting weather and afirst time experience on a street circuit made for a challengingweekend, at the Homebush Street Circuit at Sydney Olympic Park

“It was very different to anything I’ve raced on, with the concrete barriers,” Gulson said.

“It was very hot in the car and I was lucky the races were short.

“We didn’t have the weekend we hoped for and we fell behind after a few practices.”

Gulson said he was in the “wrong place” in the first race, after his car was involved in a crash.

Gulson had qualified 12thand had climbed hisway up to10th, before crashing out.

Race two continued Gulson’s unlucky weekend, after a car pileup on the first lap resulted on a red flag.

Gulson was lucky enough not to be involved in the seven car crash, with the race being declared a non-event.

Race three provided Gulson with an incident-free drive, as he finished 20th.

He managed a race time of 15:22.6015 across eight laps.

His fastest lap in race three was 1:51.6950.

Going into the final event of the season, Gulson was ranked sixth in the overall standings.

Ultimately, Gulson finished eighth after an eventful weekend.

“The result was not the worst, but it could’ve been better,” he said.

“It was a great experience and I was happy to finishin the top ten, in my first full series of national racing.

“I think this year has set us up for a strong performance next year.

“Our goal is to try and battle for a series win next year.”

Gulson was alsoawarded the Kaizen rising star award on the weekend, after a strong debut season.

Kaizen is a Japanese buisness philosophy of continuous improvement and the award also comes with a fully-funded drive from Toyota, in one of the New Zealand Toyota 86 Series next year.

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Honing in on horse biosecurity on small acreages

20th May 2019 | Closed

KEEP IT CLEAN: Disinfecting horse riding equipment is one biosecurity practice to assist in the prevention of spreading contaminants.
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Horse owners on small acreages are urged to hone in on key biosecurity hazards to ensure their equine friends are kept healthy and safe, and that they don’t pose a risk to other horse owners or animal industries.

That’s the message from Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Nigel Brown, who is himself a keen horse enthusiast.

“Keeping informed about common diseases such as tetanus, strangles, ringworm and equine herpes virus, as well asother well-known risks to horse health including worms and toxic weeds like Paterson’s Curse and St John’s wort, will help keep your own horse safe,” he said.

“It will also reduce the possibility of a problem spreading to a neighbouringpaddock or to horses belonging to friends and others further afield at the next campdraft or pony club event.

Nigel also advises horse owners to be aware of their legal requirements regarding Property Identification Codes (PIC) and Travelling Stock Statements.

“Any property holding stock, even if it’s just one horse, a donkey or an alpaca, must have a PIC.Without a PIC, horses and other stock are not legally allowed to take part in shows, exhibitionsor other events. A PIC is also required when a horse is bought, sold or agisted.

“A PIC is a crucial biosecurity tool. If there is a disease outbreak PIC records contain vital details that can help trace horse movements, contain disease spread, and inform warnings and alerts to other horse owners.”

Owners of small acreages can apply for a PIC from any Local Land Services office or online atlls.nsw.gov419论坛/northerntablelands

Horse owners will also need a Transported Stock Statement (TSS) in NSW if they move a horse in a vehicle from its home location to a different property. However a TSS is not required if a horse is being driven to or from ashow, gymkhana or other event, or if it is being transported for veterinary treatment.

The TSS records stock details, ownership, the name of the carrier and the destination, and can be used to help trace stolen stock and to trace disease outbreaks. TSS forms can be purchased for $1 each (individually or in books) from any Local Land Services office.Livestock owners can be fined for failure to produce a TSS if requested by the Stock Squad or authorised officers.

“People who keep horses on a small property may not see themselves as the target of biosecurity messages about animal health and disease control,” Nigel said.

“However poor biosecurity can create serious risks not just for individuals but also for their families and the entire agricultural sector.

“A disease like Hendra virus that can spread from animals to humans, is a prime example of a potentially deadly health risk that can be prevented through appropriate biosecurity measures such as vaccination and good hygiene.”

Diseases, insect pests, worms, and weed seeds can all be spread by horses or through dirt, manure and animal fluids on people and equipment. Clothing, boots, buckets, rugs, bridles and brushes, as well as vehicles, floats and trailers can easily spread contaminants.

Basic hygiene practices such as cleaning gear and washing down vehicles before and after attending an event can help reduce biosecurity risks.

“Responsible horse owners think about the impact their horse management will have on other people’s horses and other animals. However implementing effective biosecurity measures will require knowledge and information so seek advice from your veterinarian,” said Nigel.

‘Horses for Courses’ workshops on Equine Management on Small Acres will be hosted by Southern New England Landcare in Armidale and GWYMAC in Inverell in May, 2017. Register your interest with SNELC on 026772 9123 or GWYMAC on 02 6721 1241.

For more information about equine biosecurity contact your nearest Local Land Services office.

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End of year celebration

20th May 2019 | Closed

End of year celebration Stella Thurlow and Emily Hebblewhite during the Kindergarten/Year 1 performance.
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Year 4 Class Award: Sienna Marzato

NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge Medal: Penny Charles from CWA presents Ethan Cawthorn with the award

Year 6

Kindergarten/Year1 Class Award:Joan Harwood from VIEW Club presents the award to Thomas Coombe.

Year 4 – Friends

Year 2/3 – “Glowstick Dance”

Year 4 – “Friends”

Kindergarten/Year 1 – Alex Terras and Oliver Laurie performing “A Cowboys Christmas”

Mathematics Award: Norma Fisher and Cheryl Farley from Quota present Issac McClure with the award.

Sportsmanship Award: Norma Fisher and Cheryl Farley from Quota present Georgia Schultz with the award.

Year 2/3 Class Award: Bradley Rayner

Year 2/3 -“Glowstick Dance”

Science Award: Hayley Connell

Pam Dew Memorial Award for English: Alison Wise presents the award to Sarah Redman

Year 6 Class Award: Jack Yarnold

New South Wales Sporting Challenge Medal: Ruby Cliffe

Barrington Public School principal, Alison Wise gives her report.

Dux of Barrington Public School for 2016: Ryan Marzato and Hayley Connell both received the award from Pat Cavanagh, principal of Gloucester High School.

Parents and Citizens Report: Belinda Germon and Kristy Johns

Alison Wise recognises teacher Debbie Faull for going above and beyond in sport.

Acknowledgement of Country: Ken Eveleigh from the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group

Preparing for the Glowstick Dance

New school captains for 2017: Zane Commons and Toreen Denyer

Year 5/6 – “The Principals New Clothes” Hayley Connell as Mrs Wise and Ryan Marzato as the smart student

Year 5/6 – “The Principals New Clothes” Ethan Cawthorn, Issac McClure and Will Bandy as the bad guys

Year 5/6 – “The Principals New Clothes”

Year 5/6 – “The Principals New Clothes” Hayley Connell as Mrs Wise, Georgia Schultz as Mrs Macdonald and Jack Yarnold as Mr Keen.

Year 6 Class Award: Joan Harwood presents the award to Beau Blanch

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