End global warming one farmer at a time

Be the change: Carbon Farm owners Lee Kahler and Phillip Uebergang are working with farmers to reduce global warming. Picture: Rob GunstoneOne man says he has a way to reduce the impactof climate changeacross the world – one farmer at a time.
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Agronomist Philip Uebergang wants Australian farmers to join his program toreducegreenhouse gas emissions, increaseyield and on-farm profits.

Mr Uebergang launched his Carbon Farm program in Cobdenon Tuesday after more than 30 years of research, development and marketing.

With agriculture contributing 75per cent to greenhouse gas emissions, Mr Uebergang believes the most efficient carbon pollution reducing scheme is removing nitrous oxide on farms.

The gas is found in fertilisers and soil.

He said applying alternatives to fertilisers like humus, would increase soil nutrient holding capacity.

He said one tonne of nitrous oxides were theequivalent to 298 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The gas lasts in the atmosphere for 110 years and the process that degrades it, depletes the ozone layer.

Mr Uebergangsaid in order to reduce global warming, greenhouse gas output needed to be reduced while soil fertility increased.

He’s developed asoil testing device which records samples from paddocks and assesses its chemical composition.

Under a carbon offset scheme, he said farmers with nitrous oxide-free soil would receive financial rewards.

“So for every hectare that is nitrous oxide-free, farmers will be offset $150,” he said.

“For 1000 hectares, that’s $150,000 directly into the farmers’ pocket.”

He said farmers needed to download an app where the data was compiled.

“The money goes through an independent accounting system that is audited every five years,” Mr Uebergang said.

“No factory or third party handles it at all.”

Cereal crops, canola crops, dairy pastures and organic growers can all participate in his Uebergang Carbon Standard and earn carbon credits.

“The crops are producing more weight and bigger seed than those not on this program,” Mr Uebergang said.

Mr Uebergang said his program would help sustain farming operations.

He said the company was a few months away from setting up a premium gold standard –the most credible standard in the world for carbon offsets.

“This could resolve the problem of global warming,” he said. “It’s ready now.”

Mr Uebergang, who lives in Geelong, said he wanted to launch his innovation in the south-west, the home of his farming ancestors.

“I’m proud to contribute to my family name,“ he said.

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