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► BRIDGETOWN: Age has proved to be no barrier fora73-year-old Bridgetown man who wascharged following the discovery of an alleged hydroponic cannabis crop at a property in Bridgetown. Read more.

► MANDURAH:Mandurahwill miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in funding earmarked for Australia’s regions after the Turnbull government classified the Peel region part of thePerth metropolitan area. Read more.

► EATON:An Eaton man is encouraging parents to speak to their children about the dangers of fire after an act of destructionleft his letterbox burnt out.Dave Harrison saidsomeone placed ahomemade explosive made from sparklers in his letterbox which wasleft blackened and charred. Read more.

► RAVENSWOOD:A Ravenswood dog owner whose Siberian husky killed five chickens was convicted in her absence in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Read more.

►ESPERANCE:Why wouldEsperance Police Senior Sergeant Richard Moore be beaming like this.Find out.

State of the nationNeed anational newssnapshot first thing? Well, we have you covered.

►BALLARAT:Convicted axe-murderer Darren Wilson will not spend any additional time behind bars for attempting to intimidate witnesses before his murder trial.

Wilson, 39, was on Tuesday sentenced to three years and six months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Timmy O’Brien was hit and killed by an axe in 2014.

►WAGGA:ForestHill residents are being urged to attend one of two public meetings on Wednesdayfor an update on the discovery of a fire-fighting chemical in surface and ground water outside RAAF Base Wagga.

Senior Australian Defence Force officer at the base, Group Captain Ross Jones, said preliminary testing had found the presence ofperfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in three of five water samples, but in very low concentrations.

►BENDIGO:Animalcruelty charges against a central Victorian equine dentist have been dropped in court after police failed to convince a magistrate to proceed with the allegations.

The 55-year-old instead pleaded guilty to 23 counts of possessing drugs of dependence and scheduled poisons –all used in the sedation of horses.

File photo

►WARRNAMBOOL:Concern about the futureof Alcoa Portlandhas taken an unexpected turn with Western Victoria MP James Purcell calling for community consultation aboutgetting nuclear power to supply thesmelter.

His proposal was partof a round ofresponses from across the political and community spectrum about the smelter that highlighted the awareness of the industry’s importance to Portland and the state.

James Purcell MP has called for the possibility of getting nuclear power to supply the troubled Portland aluminium smelter.

►LAUNCESTON:Three Tasmanian Aboriginal ancestors were repatriated on Tuesday, after being studied at the Australian National University in Canberra. The remains arrived in Launceston under the watchful eye of Tasmanian Aboriginal delegates Jarrod Edwards and Thomas Riley.

Members of Tasmania’s Aboriginal community emotionally welcomed home the ancestral remains at Launceston Airport on Tuesday. Picture: Neil Richardson

►ORANGE:Cancer patients will have the chance to join a world-first medical marijuana trial at Orange Health Service. Currently, half of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy suffer significant nausea and more than a third experience vomiting. Marijuana, or cannabiswill be compared to anti-nausea medications.

Oncologist Rob Zielinski will investigate the results of a medical marijuana trial at Orange Health Service for cancer patients. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

►WOLLONGONG:Actress, singer and media personality Natalie Bassingthwaite returned to her hometown on Tuesday to revisit her old stomping ground, the Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts.

The 41-year-old was visitingas part of the school’s centenary celebrations and inspire some of the current pupils who are keen to follow in her footsteps.

Natalie Bassingthwaite greet dance, drama and music students at the Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts as part of the 100 year anniversary celebrations. Picture: Robert Peet

National news►NSW:Financial market analysts believe the economy went backwards immediately after the July election, ending five years of continuous economic growth and calling into question the government’s repeated election promise to “deliver jobs and growth”.

Financial market analysts believe the economy went backwards immediately after the July election, ending five years of continuous economic growth and calling into question the government’s repeated election promise to “deliver jobs and growth”.

►MELBOURNE:The Uniting Church will next year offload up to 65 properties worth around $80 million. The funds are earmarkedto finance $1 billion in developments of around 200 projects which the Church has underway or in planning.

The Princess Mary Club building in Lonsdale St. Photo: Patrick Scala

National weather radarCheck out what’s expected near you today.

International news►CAMBODIA:A Cambodian court has rejected an appeal by an Australian victim of an internet dating scam against her 23-year jail sentence on heroin smuggling charges.

The decision will shatter the hopes of Yoshe Ann Taylor’s early release from one of Cambodia’s notorious jails after her conviction three years ago on charges which lawyers and others involved in the case are convinced was a miscarriage of justice.

Taylor, a mother of two fromQueensland, wasn’t brought to the court to hear the decision on Tuesday because of a mix-up with the transferfrom jail.

Yoshe Ann Taylor had her request to appeal a 23-year prison sentence rejected on Tuesday. Photo: Supplied

►LONDON:He’s torn up precious stretches of London roads to create cycle paths androlled out thousands of rental bikes, universally known as “Boris Bikes” across the capital, but the former Mayor Boris Johnson has been forced trade his two wheels for four since becoming Foreign Secretary.

“I used to cycle all the way around London,” Mr Johnson, who is often simply referred to as “Boris”, bemoaned this week.

A man takes a Santander bike in London on Monday. Photo: Latika Bourke

Onthis day2006:Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrows the government in Fiji.

2005:Brokeback Mountain premieres

1983:Military Junta dissolves in Argentina.

1978: The Soviet Union signs a 20-year friendship pact with Afghanistan.

1921:Irish Free State declared

The faces of Australia:Sarah HunterSchoolholidays spent at Quirindi led one of the most senior females in the$1 billion animal health industryto her chosen career path.

As soon as the school term ended, Sarah Hunter, commercial manager atVirbac Animal Health, would headoff to the property to which her grandparents retired after leaving Warrah Station –the property which her maternal grandfather managedon behalf of the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) for 35 years.

Virbac Animal Health commercial manager Sarah Hunter.

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